Who is The Women's Advisory Committee for Support Staff?

The committee’s role is to voice staff issues, specifically those that relate to women support staff. The committee's goal is to share information and provide a channel of communication between the MSU President (formerly the EVP for Administration) and support staff.  This committee was originally founded in 1976 along with two other women's advisory committees - one for students and one for faculty/academic staff. 

A printable brochure regarding WACSS can be found by clicking here.

What does the committee do?

  • Identify areas in which the University could improve responsiveness to concerns from women and other support staff and suggest alternative solutions for perceived problems
  • Recommend policies, programs, or procedures that impact women support staff employed at Michigan State University
  • Ensure a productive educational work environment (particularly in areas related to women's concerns), including general issues of campus climate and programs as they affect employees throughout the University
  • Alert the administration and recommend solutions for problem areas related to women support staff and other employees at the University
  • Serve as liaison between support staff employees and the University administration

Mission Statement

The Women’s Advisory Committee for Support Staff supports a culture of equality, equity, engagement, and inclusion by providing a voice for women support staff at Michigan State University.

Vision Statement

The Women’s Advisory Committee for Support Staff will be the leader in elevating advancement and leadership in the MSU Community by empowering and reawakening women support staff through the promotion of equity, education, and advocacy.


Advocacy: Serve as a liaison to influence key decision making at MSU that affects women support staff.

Connectivity: Unite women support staff and stakeholders through effective and innovative two-way communication.

Engagement: Maximize the involvement of women support staff and provide an opportunity to exchange information.

Staff Development: Provide, promote, support, and encourage development opportunities for women support staff.

How can my voice be heard?

The Committee welcomes ongoing input from all support staff. It's role is to provide a wide range of views on issues that staff members face at MSU. You may also contact any member of the committee to represent this concern for you.

To be considered as a member of the Women's Advisory Committee for Support Staff, you must fill out an application which will be posted here in early spring. Members are eligible for two, two year terms. If you have any questions please contact wacss@msu.edu.

Four subcommittees operate within the Committee:

  • Benefits / Work Climate / Health & Safety
  • Diversity / Pluralism / Inclusion
  • Training / Development / Communications
  • University Engagement and Membership