WACSS full committee meeting

Meeting Schedule

The committee meets formally every month except December.  There is also an end of the year retreat (June), new year planning retreat (July), and the annual Spring Forum, held in March.

The Executive Committee (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Subcommittee Chairs) meet when necessary and work together to set the agenda.  The subcommittees typically convene during the committee meeting of the whole.

Executive Committee

Committee Members: Lisa Desprez (Chair), Ashley Lathrop (Vice Chair), Amanda Jones (Secretary)

  • To serve in a facilitating role in developing projects, discussing subcommittee work, and preparing for meetings

Benefit / Work Climate / Health Safety Subcommittee

Committee Members: Shannon McGaughey (Chair), Kathy Dorshimer, Crissy Hodges-Chakrani, Jackie VandenBosch

  • Remain engaged with Human Resources to obtain and share information, particularly relating to work employee benefits, including voluntary benefits;
  • prioritize employee health and safety, and
  • address work climate concerns across the university.
  • 2019-20 Committee Goals:
    • Developing an educational assistance and mentoring tutorial for the WACSS website
    • Creating a WACSS orientation outline for new members
    • Working w/ the WLO to enable reimbursement of shipping breast milk home for working mothers
    • Reviewing the ‘Know More’ survey report and soliciting feedback/making recommendations
    • Promoting the TIAA financial series that WACSS sponsors
    • Researching potential barriers for on-call temp staff becoming full time

Diversity / Pluralism / Inclusion Subcommittee

Committee Members: Susan LeCureux (Chair), Lisa Desprez, Elbony Hawkins, Jonne McCoy

  • Promote full participation and an environment of equality;
  • address issues related to women, in under represented occupations;
  • maintain a community grounded in respect for all and appreciation of differences; and
  • champion MSU initiatives that integrate and support inclusive representation in policies and practices.
  • 2019-20 Committee Goals:
    • Reviewing workforce diversity analytics, hiring process, and support staff toolkit
    • Developed the MSU recruitment brochure and working to distribute to local businesses
    • Nominated for (and received!) the 2020 Excellence In Diversity Award (EIDA)

University Engagement and Membership

Committee Members: Sherry Stevens (Chair), Pam Hebeler, Amanda Jones, Melissa Peek

  • Recruit new WACSS members and maintain full committee representation, ensuring diverse representation of women support staff;
  • work closely with committee sponsors in regards to joint initiatives; and 
  • promote and represent WACSS at various events.
  • 2019-20 Committee Goals:
    • Working to fill two APA, two APSA, one CTU, one labor, and one at-large vacancies expected on the committee this coming summer
    • Creating a LinkedIn and Instagram profile for WACSS and increasing social media activity
    • Developing a recommendation surrounding University-wide committees

Training / Development / Communications Subcommittee

Committee Members: Emily Khan (Chair), Angela Bigelow, Anslee Norris, Ashley Lathrop, Penny Shanks

  • Monitor and encourage personal and professional development;
  • develop marketing and commmunication materials to effectively connect support staff to resources; and
  • review and update WACSS website, media, and promotional materials for accuracy.
  • 2019-20 Committee Goals:
    • Researching the ability to waive application fees for support staff to apply for MSU courses
    • Working to grow WACSS’s social media presence on Facebook
    • Establishing a closer relationship with Athena WIN & WNA
    • Updating the WACSS brochure
    • Co-sponsoring a networking walk-and-talk for the MLK celebrations

Committee at Large:

Subcommittee and Ad Hoc Committee

  • Subcommittees meet as needed. The general time commitment is one to two hours per month. The Chair of each subcommittee will give a report to the committee as a whole at each monthly meeting.