Meeting Schedule

The committee meets formally every month except December.  There is also an end of the year retreat (June), new year planning retreat (July), and the annual Spring Forum, held in March.

The Executive Committee (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate-Past Officer) meet when necessary and work together to set the agenda. The Subcommittees typically convene monthly.


Executive Committee

Arianna Perrien (Chair), Ashley Wilson (Vice Chair), Taylor Unrath (Secretary) and Rati Walther (Treasurer)

In addition to their individual duties, members of the Executive Committee shall serve the following functions:  

  • facilitate the development of projects, policies, and programs;
  • plan monthly meeting agendas; restate motions prior to a vote; and
  • interface with the ex-officio members, their respective offices, and other groups on behalf of the Committee. 

Communications & Marketing (CM) Subcommittee

Meghan Loughlin-Krusky (Chair), Heather Dover, Taylor Unrath, Rati Walther

The functions of the CM Subcommittee are:

  • Manage Committee communications, social media, and the WACSS website. 
  • Promote all WACSS events and initiatives through effective development and design of communication and marketing materials. 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Subcommittee

Harmony Van Valkenberg (Chair), Kareen Lubas, Sarah Carroll, Lindsay Lake-Hefner

The functions of the DEI Subcommittee are:

  • Plan and manage the WACSS DEI Insight Series. 
  • Partner and liaison with COREM. 
  • Champion university initiatives that integrate and support inclusive representation in our policies and practices. 

Events & Engagement (EE) Subcommittee

Amber Wise (Chair), Alison Virag-McCann, Taren Storrs, Ashley Wilson 

The functions of the EE Subcommittee are:

  • Coordinate, plan, and execute the Annual Spring Forum, Spartan Social. 
  • Plan routine engagement events based upon goals and campus partnership opportunities (e.g., book club).  

Recruitment and Membership (RM) Subcommittee

Mary Keyes (Chair), Rachel Duncan, Lindsey Rose 

The functions of the RM Subcommittee are:  

  • Coordinate the annual Executive Committee nomination process in collaboration with the Immediate-Past Chairperson. 
  • Facilitate new member recruitment, interviews, recommendations, and approval. 
  • Conduct orientation for new Committee members, including mentorship opportunities, as necessary.
  • Oversee constituent listserv. 

Committee at Large

  • Be a representative and raise concerns from the unit level and serve as a sounding board to the Chief Diversity Officer.

Subcommittee and Ad Hoc Committees

  • Subcommittees meet as needed. The general time commitment is one to two hours per month. The Chair of each subcommittee will give a report to the committee as a whole at each monthly meeting.