Emergency Menstrual Hygiene Products

Mission Menstruation's Co-Founders and members show off MHPs outside of an MSU building

About Mission Menstruation

Mission Menstruation, an organization founded by MSU students Emily Estrada and Ta'sheena Williams in 2018, provides FREE emergency menstrual hygiene products (MHP) to MSU students in an effort to support academic success and reduce truancy attributed to lack of access to MHPs. Mission Menstruation and WACSS have partnered with RHA (Residence Halls Association), ASMSU (Associated Students of MSU), Case Hall Government, PERIOD, and SWHA (Spartan Women’s Health Alliance) to help with their efforts. 

Email MSU@MissionMenstruation.com or wacss@msu.edu if you're interested in housing a product location!

Mission Menstruation logoFinding FREE Emergency MHPs

Free emergency MHPs can be found at the following locations. Please approach the desk, ask for a product and select what you need - no questions asked!

Building Room(s)
1855 Place First Floor Welcome Desk
Anthony Hall Animal Science Offices, Room 1290
Biomedical Physical Sciences Student Affairs Office, Room 1312
First Floor Women's Restrooms
Brody Hall Room 148
Case Hall North Service Center
Conrad Hall Women's Restroom, Room B3
Engineering Building Dean's Office, Room 3410
Henry Center for Executive Development, 3535 Forest Road Front Desk
Holden Hall Room G17
Hubbard Hall North and South Front Desks
IM Sports - Circle Women's Locker Room
IM West Room 201
International Center GenCen, Room 206
Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center Front Desk
Main Library First Floor Main Help Desk
McDonel Hall Room W9
MSU Union Welcome Desk 
Natural Sciences Building Room 103C
Natural Resources Building  Suite 131
Owen Hall Office of Student Support & Accountability, Room W106
Student Affairs & Services Building Gender & Sexuality Campus Center, Room 302
University Village Community Center, 1199 Garden City Road Student Parent Resource Center, Room 107

Most women's restrooms on campus have a MHP dispenser that require quarters. If you encounter any issues with the dispensers not functioning or stocked, please email MSU@MissionMenstruation.com!


Support Mission Menstruation

Do you have menstrual hygiene products you wish donate? Please email MSU@MissionMenstruation.com to arrange a drop off!

Monetary donations can be made via PayPal by visiting missionmenstruation.com under the DONATE tab.